Why, do you imagine, does it take so long for a new medium to reach 50% of the public?

I think the path the medium developed takes depends on who develops it. Some innovations are deemed classified, proprietary, or for military use before made available to the public. Examples of a declassified mediums of communication is the global positional system (GPS), and night vision technology. I believe both to be mediums of communication. They were primarily developed for military applications. They are now used in a wide range of civilian applications. (i.e. cellphones, vehicle, pet locaters with RFID’s, hunting, security, etc.) Availability, cost, ease of use/convenience, and knowledge of the general principles of use and capabilities are factors in how a product or technology fits into the adoption curve within the public. All these factors determine why it takes so long for a new medium to reach 50% of society, especially the cost of production and sales. Other determining factors include whether the innovation is perceived as a fad, fashion or of the practicality and reliability/credibility of the medium. (Laser Disc’s, Beta Max, portable record players, etc.)  


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What, if any, value does communication theory have in understanding practical aspects of how individuals communicate?

THE VALUE OF COMMUNICATION THEORY IS, now more than ever, for commercial and exploitative financial economic gain. Intellectual anthropological understanding is secondary to the world’s economic gains. Systems of communication are developed so that the appeal and use of devices used to communicate are intellectually undemanding. An example of this is the technological complexity of “smart devices” that are developed  are for individuals whose primary use is for texting in language that is simple, primarily makes use of abbreviated acronyms and is rudimentary at best. With the rapid advancement of technology, communication is evolving in somewhat of a paradoxical state.  

This site has some information: http://sourcefed.com/is-texting-ruining-the-english-language/