Chapitre deux stratégique questions

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Why, do you imagine, does it take so long for a new medium to reach 50% of the public?

I think the path the medium developed takes depends on who develops it. Some innovations are deemed classified, proprietary, or for military use before made available to the public. Examples of a declassified mediums of communication is the global positional system (GPS), and night vision technology. I believe both to be mediums of communication. They were primarily developed for military applications. They are now used in a wide range of civilian applications. (i.e. cellphones, vehicle, pet locaters with RFID’s, hunting, security, etc.) Availability, cost, ease of use/convenience, and knowledge of the general principles of use and capabilities are factors in how a product or technology fits into the adoption curve within the public. All these factors determine why it takes so long for a new medium to reach 50% of society, especially the cost of production and sales. Other determining factors include whether the innovation is perceived as a fad, fashion or of the practicality and reliability/credibility of the medium. (Laser Disc’s, Beta Max, portable record players, etc.)  


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